Jonathan Purow

Jonathan Purow is a shareholder at Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman, P.C., a boutique intellectual property law firm. Jon focuses on trademark, copyright and trade secret litigation and transactional work. He works with clients to establish, license and protect their intellectual property rights as necessary, from online rights enforcement to actual litigation.

One of Jon’s specialties is intellectual property in the cannabis industry. As marijuana’s federal illegality limits certain types of IP registrations, Jon uses his up-to-date knowledge of the entire industry to help his clients strategize to obtain optimal protection and enforce their rights. His clients span the full spectrum of the industry, including multi-national companies, CBD companies, and service providers. He has spoken at events (for groups such as HighNY, the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo, La Asociacion Mexicana para la Proteccion de la Propriedad Intelectual, A.C.), appeared on the podcast Thinking Outside the Bud, and authored articles on the topic for publications such as Law360 and GrowthOp.

Jon additionally has an interest on how artificial intelligence will impact copyright law, and authored an article published in Law360 proposing a plan to address when AI-created works infringe human-created copyrighted works.

Prior to working at the firm, Jon was a Director at Grand Army Entertainment, a film financing company that financed over $250 million in independent films. After Grand Army, Jon worked as an associate at a general practice law firm in Brooklyn, New York.

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