Jenny Blake


Normally I would write in the third-person to tell you about how ahhh-mazing I am, and why super fancy people hire me for uber-awesome undertakings. But you know what? WORK SCHMERK. LET’S START WITH THE FUN STUFF, SHALL WE? I’m a 33-year-old Silicon Valley bred career and business strategist living in the Big Apple; a world traveler not to be mistaken with a backpacker (as I most certainly cannot be relied upon to pack lightly); a yoga lover and gadget fanatic. An eternal bookworm and quote junkie, I am always on the lookout for just the right book “prescription” for whatever might be standing in your way (or mine). When I’m not buried in a book, magazine, newspaper, moleskine notebook or gadget, you will find me walking through the streets of Manhattan with a rockin’ soundtrack playing, imagining I’m the lead in a movie called “New York City, Starring Jenny Blake.” I know . . . it’s ridiculous. I love staying active—yoga, pilates, walking and dancing keep me grounded, strong, happy and sane—but not without an ulterior motive: to work off at least one delicious multi-course meal I delight in on weekends. Finally, I am a shamelessly gooey romantic—I love asking people how they met their significant other; watching their smile widen and their eyes sparkle as they tell their story. It is priceless…and contagious. Try this sometime.

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