Daphna Romanoff

Business Anarchist. Confidence and Potency Coach for Badass Spiritual Bosses. Intuitive Guidance + Astrology for Female Entrepreneurs who Rule.

I’m a mom of two who adores high fashion, astrology, all things sparkly and glam, trance music and punk rock, and oh yes - I can’t leave coffee out because it is definitely one of the loves of my life too.

When I’m not supporting my rockstar clients as they build their soul-businesses of the new age, you can find me out in nature dreaming of a world where business is sacred, healers and empaths are as valued as lawyers and engineers, and every person has the confidence and space to be who they were born to be.

I help highly sensitive spiritual entrepreneurs come out of hiding and step into their most potent selves so they can sell with confidence, serve with integrity, and succeed with joy. The world needs us all potent.

I love working with business women who are: Hardcore, badass, and unwilling to take no for an answer from life.

Want to grow, expand, and push the envelope in their business.

Came here to challenge the status quo and create businesses that change the world.

Love to have deep soulful conversations about the Universe and also love making money and enjoying the finer things in life.

Take full responsibility for their life and business.

Are ready to smash their fears and say fuck yes to the mission of their soul.


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