Andrew Wilkinson

In 2009 I was a senior in high school. My favorite show was “Trauma Life in the ER” I wanted to be a surgeon. Its cliche but I get my feeling of importance by helping others. I enrolled into a medical laboratory science program at a local university. The program was hard but it would give me an edge when it came to medical school. A year later I started loving laboratory work, the science and the research were captivating but I hated school. The route learning wasn’t for me. I asked myself if I really wanted to be a doctor. I enrolled in an EMT program and in 6 months I got a job transporting patients from home to dialysis and back. I didn’t like it so I dug my feet and plowed towards laboratory science. I got a job at local hospital following graduation. After 8 months I hit a wall I didn’t like this either. The 40 hours per week paid well but it was irradiating.

In February of 2017 I saw that Gary Vaynerchuck was pushing the 2017 flip challenge. From May to September I kept my schedule at work and spent the rest of my waking hours building an online arbitrage business. I went to garage sales and thrift shops. I found bargains and flipped them on the internet. The business worked. It gave me the confidence to make my next move. At the end of September I returned from a 2 day break and sat down across from my boss. “I would like to work part time” A month later I had time to do what I liked. It was a taste of freedom. Over the winter I began craving gardening season. I have been gardening for as long as I can remember. My grandfather was a farmer. Farming is in my blood. That got me thinking. I could start a farm. From now on I would be on a quest to quit my job all together. I worked Fall through spring to build a vegetable farm. This was closer but no Cuban. I love agriculture but my roots are anchored in science. In the fall of 2018 I started planning the 2019 growing season. Adam and I had been podcasting and were shaping into good friends. He told me about the farm bill and we sparked an idea. CBD is more desirable than kale. We could use my farm to cultivate hemp for medicine.


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