My father has been the head grower of a local nursery for 25 years. He has always been intrigued by the genus & species of a plant, how it grew and what affected that. I grew up around Agriculture which had taught the importance of farming. My father had me plugging trays at 7 years old and I remember as a kid anywhere I would go, he would point out unique looking plants and name what they were. Growing up underprivileged, I wanted something better. School wasn’t for me, I dropped out of college to focus on music. I’ve been making music since 2003, which taught me a lot about marketing through social media, networking and sales.

In 2012, I moved to Wyoming, selling cannabis as a way to support my music habit. Money was great, but after a few friends got into trouble, I decided to start selling phones instead. I quickly realized my empathetic nature made me a killer salesman. Making the mistake of chasing money after becoming bored with cell phones, I got into car sales. I sold 12 cars my first full month, but after having to go against my morals just for a flat, I quit. I chose to move to Colorado for a fresh start, finding a job at AT&T within a week as an entry level rep and climbing to a newly created regional business sales manager position in 8 months. Still, it was more fun finding ways to make money on my own. I rented space to record artists and teach them how to use social media for marketing. Once my job got past the fact that my length of hair didn’t determine my success, I crushed all expectations and pioneered the program for all other business managers to come.

I found a knack for finding what businesses could tweak to save and make money by increasing technology. The yearning to work for myself took over my whole existence. Knowing cannabis would soon be legal in Massachusetts, I moved back to live with relatives. By living with in-laws, I was able to save enough money to dedicate myself to my true passion, growing, processing and creating with cannabis. Seeking more knowledge, I joined a local growers club, which sprung a thought. Nobody is documenting this whole legalization process. That thought, paired with my production skills, earned me press opportunities at some of the biggest local cannabis events. What I learned over the years was imperative to my future, but it would only get me so far. Something was missing and Andy’s skill set filled those gaps


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